Persian Breed Advisory Committee

It is a committee comprising representatives from the GCCF breed clubs catering for Persians.  A list of the clubs and links to their websites is given on this site.  


The BAC's responsibilities are:


*  to maintain the Standards of Points by which all Persian Longhairs are


*  to oversee the Persian Longhair Registration Policies for breed


*  to monitor the progress of PLH Pupil Judges and Stewards going through

   the GCCF Judging Scheme

*  to maintain contact with Full Judges to inform and update them on all

   PLH related matters

*  organise breed seminars.


The committee usually meets two or three times a year.  The up-dating of Standards of Points and Registration Policies is on-going.  The pages of this site are intended to provide information for breeders and judges of Persian cats exhibiting and judging with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.


What is the Persian Breed Advisory Committee?

Meeting & Seminar Dates

The date of the next meeting is to be advised.


There is currently no set date for a Seminar.




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